Hungary 1934: My grandfather Lorenz Deutsch was born in the predominantly German-speaking village of Mágocs as a descendant of German emigrants. Thus his family belongs to the German minority in Hungary, the Hungarian-Germans. When the Russian front approaches in 1944 and the father is drafted into war as a result of the last rebellion of Nazi Germany, Lorenz and his pregnant mother decide to flee to the West. Years of flight and homelessness followed. Several stations later they settle in southern Hesse, now three of them. When his father returned home from captivity after 8 years, Lorenz had already grown up and built a house for his mother and brother Helmut. 

The film, which is largely based on an interview with my grandfather, documents the reappraisal of his past - from his flight from Hungary to the years of the post-war period to his father's ordeal. The story is supplemented by old photos, archive material and newly shot material.
Nostalgisches Kulturpicknick, Goddelau, 22.06.2019
Flimmerfest 2019, Hamburg, 15.05. – 17.05.2019
Büchnerbühne Leeheim, 07.08.2019

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